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***** NickServ Help *****

Help for REGISTER nick

How to register nickname

***** NickServ Help *****

Help for REGISTER:

This will register your current nickname with NickServ.

This will allow you to assert some form of identity on

the network and to be added to access lists. Furthermore,

NickServ will warn users using your nick without

identifying and allow you to kill ghosts.

The password is a case-sensitive password that you make

up. Please write down or memorize your password! You

will need it later to change settings.

You have to confirm the email address. To do this,

follow the instructions in the message sent to the email




/msg NickServ REGISTER bar [email protected]

***** End of Help *****

How to login nickname

how to login nickname after registration

(i) /ns id password

(ii) /ns identify password

<-- Example code below -->

/ns id pk12345

/ns identify pk12345

How to set enforce on

How to set enforce on of nickname after registration to protected nickname from other users using.

/ns set enforce on

How to ghost/release dc nickname

If your are disconnected from chatroom and your's nickname still held in chatroom then use this code to release and kill your nickname

/ns ghost nickname password

/ns release nickname password